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Here’s why!

When you go to Google’s advertising platform and type in what kinds of videos you want to target it will ONLY allow you to target based on popular Google Search terms NOT YouTube search terms.

This is a BIG problem – I mean you’re advertising on YouTube! IT doesn't make sense to have to target ONLY Google search terms.

On top of that, in order to be able to target YouTube videos in a certain niche, you have to copy each YouTube video URL one by one into YouTube’s advertising platform. This can take hours!

The keyword issue (Google ONLY provides keyword data):


Problem 2: It takes a long time

The user usually has to get each YouTube video URL they want to target 1 by 1 and this takes hours (this can be shown in a screenshot as shown below where you just search the niche).


We will change the way you do Ad Campaign targeting and generate leads
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Because nothing comes close to the technology we’ve built. Here are examples of how precise you can now target buyers with your ads using Target Driller:

Use The Data from Tube Driller To Create A Profit Pulling Ad, That Guarantees Higher Conversions Than The Usual Shot-In-The-Dark Targeting You Set Up Manually in YouTube.

However, The Rules Are SUPER Confusing!

So We Decided To Make It Easier For You. Inside Target Driller, You Can Easily Search For And Produce High Quality Audiences For Any Market You’re Interested In...

The Best Part, The Software 100% Works WITH YouTube, Ensuring Your Results Will Be The Highest Quality Of Compiled Data From EVERYWHERE On YouTube (including targeting entire channels!)

Every Single Ad You Create Will Work For YOU, Better Than Before!

You’ll never have to split test any more targeting options EVER again. Just run the software, take the suggested YouTube video URLs.

Stop competing with 90% of other marketers out there who don’t know how to target effectively through YouTube and start targeting smarter.

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Set Up Your Campaigns In Under 60 Seconds… (Full Step By Step Walkthrough)

Easy To Use Video & Channel Dashboard

Build up targeted audiences from different keyword combinations which can be exported with 1 click.

Powerful Keyword Search Module

Target Driller allows you to find keywords searched by users on YouTube, where as doing so manually only provides keywords from Google. Again, providing more targeted search results relative to video advertising.

Quick Effortless Video Search Functionality

Finding video URLs to target is time consuming. Picking out video URLs one by one and building up 100 links can take hours. Target Driller allows you to generate a targeted list of videos of any size in a few clicks. These are called Target Groups.

Advanced Click Easy Channel Search

Just like "Video Search", this module allows you to search channels to target on YouTube. Grab all the video uploads from one channel in one click, or create full channel lists that can be targeted in an ad. Saving time and going the extra mile. These are called Channel Groups.

Advanced Filtering System

Unlike any other targeting software, Target Driller has an additional filtering system built in to help narrow down to the most targeted audiences to run ads to.

Smart Ranking Filtering System

Rank your videos by likes, comments, dislikes, like/dislike ratio or channels by the subscribers, views etc, allowing you to find the best videos possible to target within a specific niche.

1 Click ‘Ad Drill’ Campaign Creation & Export System

1 click upload to AdWords. Select a single or multiple target groups from your dashboard and create an ad that can be exported to AdWords in one click.

And So Much More!

If you’re thinking “Wow I can’t believe how much value is here” then we agree… you’re right!

Even if you just use the targeting technology and add a few keywords into your ads, given the results you’ll get from this over other traditional shot-in-the dark targeting methods, you’d be easily getting your money’s worth within the first week! If not the first day!

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Again this software is 100% within YouTube’s Ts & Cs....

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